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Welcome to The Department of Sales. We connect people who make things. Mostly in advertising. Click around these pages for the latest and greatest and feel free to reach out to us anytime. We will always be helpful 24/7 because sales never sleeps (except when we're actually sleeping). Fun fact: this site has a search function. If you're feeling adventurous or nostalgic, type in a name or place and see what happens!
(323) 913-5966
2315 Meadowvale Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90031
Dexter Randazzo
VP of Sales & Development
Jonathan Logan
Sales & Marketing
Lindsey Pollard
+420 601-547-674
Sales Coordinator
Sophia Weiland

Arcade Edit
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Geoff Hounsell
Hilton "Confirmed Together"
Sean Lagrange
Twix "Camping"
Ali Mao
Snickers "Unfiltered Girlfriend"
Greg Scruton
Hulu "Magnetic"
Matt Laroche
Wrangler "Riata"
Jeff Ferruzzo
Planet Fitness "For Just 10"
Kyle Brown
Turbo Tax "All People"
Geoff Hounsell
Bud Light "Cardboard Cutout"
Will Hasell
Klarna "Stars"
Brad Waskewich
Gatorade "Sweat Chain"
Laura Sanford
Dos Equis "A Dos of XX: PreGame"
Kim Bica
Dick's Sporting Goods "Movement"
Paul Martinez
Expensify "Expensify Th!$"

Arts & Sciences
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Captain Morgan "Spice On"
Lisa Cholodenko
The Kids Are All Right Trailer
Michael Lawrence
Afterpay "Go After It"
Casey Storm
Condeco "Dino CEO"
Fiona McGee
Credit Karma "In The Dark"
Michelle Savill
Sky Olympics "Gymnastics"
NIVEA "Get Fresh, Be Fresh"
Adam & Dave
Mountain Dew "Grandpa"
Alex Prager
TurboTax "Matchmaker"
Anthony Mandler
Adidas "Impossible Is Nothing"
Sean Meehan
AXA "Birders"
Mike Warzin
Uber Eats "Bring It"
Matt Aselton
Apple iPad "Out There"
Todd Krolczyk
Phillips 66 "Center of the Universe"
Matt Lenski
Dominos "Home for Pizza"
Shaniqwa & Raj
Rituals "Family Portrait"

Epoch Films
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Matias & Mathias
Samsung "Join the Flip Side"
Elena Petitti di Roreto
VRBO "Unshare"
Carl Sundemo
Naked Wines "The New Way to Wine"
DA Yirgou
Peloton "Olympian Elements"
Ruganzu Howard
Old Spice "Ultimeat Dreams"
Matias & Mathias
Irish Spring "Welcome to Irish Spring"
Bianca Poletti
Facebook "That Close"
Martin de Thurah
Wealthsimple "Half a Million Mikes"
Matthew Swanson
Wealthsimple "Frankenstein"
Dugan O'Neal
Farmers Insurance "Knight"
Emma Westenberg
HP "Madam President"
Phil Morrison
NET10 "Lovestruck"
Philippe Tempelman
Betway "Evolution of Instinct"

Imperial Woodpecker
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Sam Brown
Instacart "The World Is Your Cart"
Joe Connor
Volvo "Human Made"
Lisa Gunning
Amazon "Woman's World"
Stacy Wall
Caesars "Still Eating"
Mark Jenkinson
Acura "Less Talk. More Drive."
Mark Zibert
IKEA "Our Little World"
Andrew Jasperson
Bestow "Todd"
Simon McQuoid
H&R Block "Nice"
Sam Brown
Apple AirPods "Jump"
Stacy Wall
Uber Eats "Regulars"
Mark Zibert
Sick Kids "Be A Light"
Simon McQuoid
Mortal Kombat Trailer

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Coinbase "QR Code"
Squarespace "Sally's Seashells"
Xbox "Dreamers"
Xbox Forza Horizon 5 "The Getaway Driver"
Apple "A Little Company"
Google "A CODA Story"
HP "Printing Trees"
Coors Light "Beer Man"
Chobani "Dear Alice"
Apple Arcade "A New World to Play In"
DoorDash "Shishito"
Nike "Dream Crazy"

Tropical Fish