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Welcome to The Department of Sales. We connect people who make things. Mostly in Advertising. Click around these pages for the latest and greatest. Also if you're wondering what is possible in the era of Covid-19 production, we are here, have examples and will always be helpful 24/7 (because sales never sleeps, even during an epidemic). Fun fact: this site has a search function. If you're feeling adventurous or nostalgic, type in a name or place, see what happens!
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Dexter Randazzo
Junior Sales
Rebecca Veith Shipko
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VP of Sales & Development
Jonathan Logan
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Arcade Edit
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Jeff Ferruzzo
Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation "Co-Op City Tennis"
Quin Williams
Thomas Cook "The Man Who Always Wakes Up in a Different Bed"
Geoff Hounsell
Bud Light "Cardboard Cutout"
Laura Sanford
Advil "Prove Pain Wrong"
Josh Hegard
Dick's Sporting Goods "Coming Soon"
Graham Chisholm
Kruger "Unapologetically Human"
Kim Bica
Dick's Sporting Goods "Movement"
Paul Martinez
Monica Lewinsky PSA "The Epidemic"
Dave Anderson
Bud Light Seltzer "Inside Post's Brain"
Ali Mao
Downy "Establishing"

Arts & Sciences
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Michael Lawrence
Wrangler "Wear with Abandon"
Azazel Jacobs
French Exit Trailer
Mike Warzin
Coors Light "Beer Man"
Alex Prager
Miller Lite "Farewell, Work Holiday Parties"
Shaniqwa & Raj
Rituals "Family Portrait"
Anthony Mandler
P&G "The Look"
Todd Krolczyk
Vice x Mailchimp "Essentials" Episode One Cutdown
Matt Lenski
United Way "I Happen to Like NY"
Emile Rafael
Rolls Royce "Cullinan"
Fiona McGee
McDonald's "The Day After"

Epoch Films
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Bianca Poletti
Fertile Trailer
Matias & Mathias
Posten "Santa"
Haya Waseem
Lyft "Yusef"
Emma Westenberg
HP "Madam President"
Philippe Tempelman
DNB "Change"
Dugan O'Neal
KFC "The Value Colonel"
Martin de Thurah
Active Child "Color Me"
Emilie Thalund
Mothers' Aid & Live Without Violence "Isolation"
Elena Petitti di Roreto
Harley-Davidson "Manifesto"
Matthew Swanson
Spotify "Let the Song Play"

Imperial Woodpecker
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Sam Brown
VW "The Wheel"
Tom Barbor Might
"Becoming You" Trailer
Andrew Jasperson
Bestow "Todd"
Mark Zibert
Sick Kids "Beads"
Sam Brown
BBC Radio "Sounds"
Mark Jenkinson
Acura TLX "Break the Silence"
Lisa Gunning
Fatherhood "Door"
Rohan Blair-Mangat
USGA "E Pluribus Unum"
Lisa Gunning
Valero "Rescue Relays"
Stacy Wall
Coca-Cola "Where Everyone Plays"

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Nicolas Winding Refn
"Drive" Trailer
Redha Medjellekh
Am I Paris?
Jesse Lewis-Reece
Sandra Winther
Nike "Dream Crazier Honeybeez"
AXA "Strong Speak"
FDJ "Loto"
Nicolas Winding Refn
Lincoln "The Bull"
Sandra Winther
Beats by Dre "Above the Noise"
Daniel Soares
Gohu "Vai Ficar Fixe (All Will Be Cool)"
Define Beauty: Never Look at the Sun

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AT&T "A Little Love"
YouTube "End of Year"
Montefiore "State of Gratitude"
Xbox "Dreamers"
TurboTax "All People Are Tax People"
Apple Arcade "A New World to Play In"
Snickers "Fix the World"
Nike "Dream Crazy"
DoorDash "Shishito"
Apple "A Little Company"

Tropical Fish