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Welcome to The Department of Sales. We connect people who make things. Mostly in Advertising. If you're casually browsing the internet and want to look at some of the best new commercials we invite you to click around these pages with your computer device. If you need anything we are here 24/7 because sales never sleeps. (except when we are actually sleeping)
2436 Earl Street Los Angeles, CA 90039
Dexter Randazzo
Sales Representative
Aaron Friedland
Public Relations
Molly Stewart

Arcade Edit
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Brad Waskewich
NBC Olympics "Nathan"
Dave Anderson
Bud Light "Bud Knight"
Geoff Hounsell
Old Spice "Red Sweater"
Kim Bica
NBC Olympics "Shaun"
Greg Scruton
Kendrick Lamar feat SZA "Stars"
Nick Rondeau
Troye Sivan "MY MY MY"
Geoff Hounsell
NFL "Touchdown Celebrations to Come"

Arts & Sciences
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Mike Warzin
Revere "Cook Like a Legend"
Michael Illick
Fruit By The Foot "Long"
Alex Prager
Face in the Crowd
Matt Lenski
Dominos "Home for Pizza"
Sean Meehan
Subaru "Moving Out"
Adam & Dave
Johnsonville "Guess the Price of That Food"
Todd Krolczyk
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down "Nobody Dies"

Epoch Films
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Philippe Tempelman
Toyota "As I Really Am"
Alma Har'el
P&G "Love Over Bias"
Martin de Thurah
StubHub "Machines"
Matthew Swanson
Snickers "Mountain"
Zachary Heinzerling
MLB "Play Catch"
Alma Har'el
Coca-Cola "The Wonder of Us"
Matias & Matias
DNB "Vipps"

Imperial Woodpecker
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Tom Barbor Might
iD Mobile "Nasir"
Mark Zibert
Sick Kids Foundation "All In"
Sam Brown
Apple "Stroll"
Stuart Mcintyre
Adidas "Waves"
Simon McQuoid
Call of Duty “Reassemble! Global”
Stacy Wall
Nike “Uncle Charlie”
Taylor Twist
Brand Jordan "The Great Debate"

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Lloyd Lee Choi
Chevy "The Hunt Alone"
Jonathan Bregel
Gap Kids "Forward With Confidence"
Lloyd Lee Choi
Zappos "Home"
Kevan Funk
The Bronx Freedom Fund "The Bail Project"
Steve Hoover
Gap Kids "It Takes a Village"
Henrik Rostrup
Reebok "Regenerate"
Per Hampus Stalhandske
Cisco "Evolve"

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Old Spice "Dad Song"
University of Phoenix "More Than Brains"
Nike "Promised Land"
Nike "Last"
Turbotax "Closet"
Mastercard "Can't Judge A Book"
Squarespace "The Big Questions"

Tropical Fish