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Welcome to The Department of Sales. We connect people who make things. Mostly in Advertising. If you're casually browsing the internet and want to look at some of the best new commercials we invite you to click around these pages with your computer device. If you need anything we are here 24/7 because sales never sleeps (except when we are actually sleeping). Also this website has a search function, enjoy!
(323) 489-6018
1631 Champlain Terrace, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Dexter Randazzo
Junior Sales
Rebecca Veith
408- 599-8020‬
VP of Sales & Development
Jonathan Logan
323- 532-3822‬

Arcade Edit
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Brad Waskewich
Gatorade "Make Them Sweat"
Kim Bica
McDonald's "International Women's Day"
Geoff Hounsell
Halo Top "Swiping"
Paul Martinez
HBO & Bud Light "Joust"
Geoff Hounsell
Expensify "Expensify My Vibe"
Dave Anderson
Bubly “Buble”
Graham Chisholm
Gymnastics Canada "From Here, We Soar"
Laura Sanford
TurboTax "Spelling Bee"

Arts & Sciences
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Adam & Dave
Burger King "Sign"
Michael Illick
Buffalo Wild Wings "That's March Madness"
Matt Aselton
SimpliSafe “Fear Is Everywhere”
Mike Warzin
Google Assistant "The Making of Home Alone Again"
Sean Meehan
Matt Lenski
76 "Internet Shopping"
Adam & Dave
Johnsonville "Guess the Price of That Food"
Mike Warzin
NFL "Bring It All"

Epoch Films
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Martin de Thurah
Velux "The Coming Generation"
Matias & Mathias
Ecover "Eau de Bebe"
Philippe Tempelman
Gant "Seven Decades Seven Icons"
Matias & Mathias
Canal Digital "Just An Ad"
Martin de Thurah
Macy's "Space Station"
Matthew Swanson
Dunkin' Donuts "Office Buddy"
Philippe Tempelman
Stadium "Fill the Stadium"
Alma Har'el
P&G "Love Over Bias"

Imperial Woodpecker
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Stacy Wall
UberEats "Ride Along"
Mark Jenkinson
Audi e-tron "Not for You"
Lisa Gunning
OnStar "Anticlimactic"
Sam Brown
Audi "A Pleasure to Follow"
Mark Jenkinson
Toyota "Move Ahead"
Stacy Wall
Google Chromebook "I'm Dying"
Mark Zibert
Ikea "Lamp"
Stacy Wall
Nike "Play Like You Own It"

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HBO "Barry"
Apple "A Little Company"
Secret “Pay the Woman”
Nike "Dream Crazy"
New York Lottery "Odds of Love
Playstation “Wonderland”
Chemours "Unsung Heros"
Nike "Air"

Tropical Fish