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Welcome to The Department of Sales. We connect people who make things. Mostly in Advertising. If you're casually browsing the internet and want to look at some of the best new commercials we invite you to click around these pages with your computer device. If you need anything we are here 24/7 because sales never sleeps. (except when we are actually sleeping) Also this website has a search function, enjoy!
2436 Earl Street Los Angeles, CA 90039
Dexter Randazzo
Junior Sales
Bianca Poletti
619- 313-1215‬
Junior Sales
Rebecca Veith
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Arcade Edit
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Paul Martinez
Madden NFL 19
Geoff Hounsell
Old Spice "Red Sweater"
Jeff Ferruzzo
Tide "It's A Tide Ad"
Kyle Brown
Trojan Sandwich
Graham Chisholm
Chevrolet "Centennial"
Brad Waskewich
NBC Olympics "Nathan"
Greg Scruton
Kendrick Lamar feat SZA "Stars"
Paul Martinez
Jay-Z "The Story of OJ"

Arts & Sciences
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Matt Aselton
Google "Thoughts"
Mike Warzin
Revere "Cook Like a Legend"
Casey Storm
Expedia "Balconies"
Adam & Dave
State Farm "Go4Steve"
Tom Scharpling
NBA2K "KG's Back"
Alex Prager
Face in the Crowd
Adam & Dave
Johnsonville "Guess the Price of That Food"
Sean Meehan
Subaru "Rewind"

Epoch Films
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Alma Har'el
P&G "Love Over Bias"
Matias & Mathias "Stories of Success"
Matthew Swanson
Snickers "Mountain"
Martin de Thurah
Audi "Final Breath"
Philippe Tempelman
H&M "World Recycle Week" featuring MIA
Zachary Heinzerling
MLB "Play Catch"
Emily Kai Bock
Hennessy "Office"
Duncan Winecoff
Nexcare "Everyday Tough"

Imperial Woodpecker
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Stacy Wall
Nike + Dick’s Sporting Goods “Play Like You Own It”
Stuart Mcintyre
Samsung "Hurt"
Lisa Gunning
On Star "Horn"
Sam Brown
Black Forest "Harvest Day"
Mark Zibert
Sick Kids Foundation "All In"
Tom Barbor Might
Comfort "Boring"
Simon McQuoid
Call of Duty “Reassemble! Global”
Mark Jenkinson
Audi "Circles"

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Haya Waseem
Shahzad Trailer
Lloyd Lee Choi
Chevy "Maddie"
Per Hampus Stalhandske
Atlantis "Come to Life"
Kevan Funk
Bronx Freedom Fund "The Bail Project"
Kevan Funk
Adidas "Connected by Color"
Jonathan Bregel
Gap Kids "Forward With Confidence"
Steve Hoover
Blood Brother Trailer
Henrik Rostrup
Reebok "Regenerate"

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New York Lottery "Odds of Love
Nike "Air"
Chemours "Unsung Heros"
Mastercard "Can't Judge A Book"
Travel Oregon "Animation"
Brand Jordan "Maya"
Nike "Promised Land"
Turbotax "Closet"

Tropical Fish